For Children


Download here: Easter Maze

Download here: easter-coloring-page-brother-francis

Download Here: Glorious Mysteries

Download here:


The Conversion of St. Paul (25th January)

Download this here:


The Baptism of the Lord (10th January 2021)

Download here (PDF): Jesus-baptism-feast-day-coloring-page-brother-francis

Advent Colouring Page & Guide


Thanks to the Catholic Health Association in the US (CHAUSA), here’s an Advent colouring page and guide. As we journey this Advent season, see if you can colour and then find the items in this picture that help us tell the story of Jesus’ birth and ministry.


You can download them here:




For the younger members of our parish family, here are some great colouring sheets to download, courtesy of Brother Francis!

Download here: advent-christmas-lights-coloring-page-brother-francis-1



Download here: brother-francis-christmas-coloring-page-tree-manger-scene


Download here: christ-in-christmas-coloring-page-brother-francis


Download here: christmas-tree-coloring-page-brother-francis


Download here: immaculate-conception-mother-mary-coloring-page-brother-francis


Download here: matthew-2-11-wise-men-coloring-page-brother-francis


Helping your child to encounter God

It can be hard to show a child how to have a deep and meaningful relationship with God. Catholics now have an easy way to do so.

This guide has all you need to start teaching your child how to pray with Scripture.

Spoiler: You don’t need to have all the answers in order to do so. 🙂

Download the free (yes, absolutely free) guide to see how you can invite your child to encounter God in the Bible:

Download here:

Free Guide to Teaching Catholic Kids How to Pray with Scripture

(Guide courtesy of Ascension Press:

Activity & Colouring Sheets

Here you’ll find a selection of colouring pages and activity pages for the younger members of our parish family.


Download here: eucharist-coloring-page-adventure-catechism





Download it here: BacktoSchoolNotes

The Rosary

The Rosary Colouring Page-page-001

Download Here: The Rosary Colouring Page


The Guardian Angels (October 2nd)

October 2nd_Guardian Angel-page-001

Download Here: October 2nd_Guardian Angel


St. Francis of Assisi (October 4th)

October 4th_St. Francis-page-001

Download Here: October 4th_St. Francis


St. Jude (October 28th)

October 28th_St. Jude-page-001

Download Here: October 28th_St. Jude


St. Teresa of Calcutta (September 5th)

September 5_saint-teresa-calcutta-story-coloring-page-brother-francis-page-001

Download here: September 5_saint-teresa-calcutta-story-coloring-page-brother-francis


St. Pio (September 23rd)

September 23_Saint-padre-pio-free-coloring-page-page-001

Download Here: September 23_Saint-padre-pio-free-coloring-page


St. Michael the Archangel (September 29th)

September 29_saint-michael-the-archangel-coloring-page-brother-francis-page-001


Download Here: September 29_saint-michael-the-archangel-coloring-page-brother-francis



Previous Posts

St. Christopher (July 25th)


Download here: St. Christopher_July 25


Sts. Joachim & Anne (July 26th)


Download here: Sts Joachim & Anne_July 26


St. Ignatius of Loyola (July 31st)


Download here: St. Ignatius of Loyola_July 31st


Find the Hidden Items with Brother Francis


Download here: brother-francis-hidden-object-activity-page

Telling the Story_How Parables Teach Us about Life Today-page


Saint Monica (27th August)

Colouring Page_saint-monica-coloring-page-brother-francis-page-001

Download here: Colouring Page_saint-monica-coloring-page-brother-francis

Saint Augustine (28th August)

Colouring Page_saint-augustine-quotes-coloring-page-brother-francis-page-001

Download here:

Colouring Page_saint-augustine-quotes-coloring-page-brother-francis