Hospital Chaplaincy


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Have you considered chaplaincy as a career? For more information please see this video by the Council for Healthcare of @CatholicBishops and you can contact for more on healthcare chaplaincy as a career.

Our parish team supports Catholic Chaplaincy at Daisy Hill Hospital in Newry. Every day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, one of our team is on call for the hospital. In addition, members of the chaplaincy team visit the hospital throughout the week and minister with patients, families and staff.

Recent data protection laws have led to a change in how we can access patient information in Daisy Hill Hospital. With that in mind and to help ensure that our Catholic patients receive a visit from the chaplain if they so desire it, Catholic patients are asked to please consent to a visit if they’re asked this by the nursing team. They can always call us over when they see us in the wards, ask a nurse to contact us on their behalf or a family member can invite us to visit with them.

If you’d like a member of your family who is in hospital to be referred for a chaplaincy visit, please contact the hospital and ask to speak with the chaplain on call. The hospital will know which chaplain is on call.

If you need to contact a chaplain in an emergency, please ask a member of the nursing team, ask at Reception or ring Reception at 02830835000.

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You can find out more about the chaplaincy service across the Southern Trust here:

Through their virtual visiting service and in conjunction with the Trust Chaplaincy Team, the Southern Trust now provides access to Masses, etc. for patients during their stay in hospital. Details in the poster below.


Baptisms in Daisy Hill Hospital

If your child has been baptised in Daisy Hill hospital he/she will have been registered as baptised in our parish records (Daisy Hill hospital is situated within the Parish of Middle Killeavy). If your child has been baptised in another hospital outside this parish the records will be in the parish church of where that hospital is situated.

Where your child has already been baptised in the hospital,  your home parish will help guide you in celebrating a church ceremony which represents the welcoming of your child into the Christian community.