The Catholic Chaplain, along with a team of Assistant Chaplains, provides a specialist service catering for the spiritual and religious needs of those admitted as in-patients.

Members of the chaplaincy team visit patients on a regular basis.  If you wish to receive a visit from a chaplain while in Hospital, please ask to be placed on the chaplains’ list on admission.

General Information:

A hospital chaplain is available each day and will attend to the spiritual needs of patients in every ward. If a family wishes a patient to be seen, please have it noted on admission. If a visiting priest administers the sacrament of the sick to a patient, it is important that this is noted by the nursing staff in the patient’s notes under ‘spiritually attended’.

Mass is said on Sunday morning in the Hospital Chapel at 9.30am and Holy Communion takes place on Sundays throughout the hospital of daily if requested.

A record of the chaplain’s visit is kept on each ward in the nursing notes. Families can check with the nursing staff if a patient has been spiritually attended. Prayer cards are available for families to use when a loved one is dying or has died.

It is important to note that due to the demands from Daisy Hill, many night calls by families can be attended to during day time hours.   If a patient has already been spiritual attended and seen by a member of the chaplaincy team, and if the family would like a priest to visit their patient this should be done by their Parish Priest and not a Chaplain. Families should check with the Nursing staff to see if their patient has been spiritual attended. If they have been seen there is no need for the chaplain to be called.