Baptismal font and Holy Oils
Baptismal font and Holy Oils

There are a few things you should know before arranging a Baptism.

When you contact this Parish Office a Priest or Religious Sister will visit your home with the Registration Card so hopefully you will have a date in mind and we will accommodate your need as best we can  or we can meet you at the Parish Centre (adjacent to the Church of the Assumption, Drumalane) any morning Monday to Saturday 9:00am-12:00

This is a very special ceremony for you, your family and friends, and we wish to help you celebrate this important event in the life of your child.  Its a day when your child becomes part of the christian community, and a day when you as parents will make promises to God, on behalf of your child.  We want you to consider this sacred committment that you will undertake.  In the words of the baptismal rite “I promise to bring up my child in the practise of the faith and to see that the divine life which God has given is kept safe”

We look forward to welcoming you and your child  to this  Church dedicated to Mary the Mother of God.  We want this ceremony to be sacred and special for you and your family.

ChildBaptisedDaisy Hill Hospital
If your child has been baptised in Daisy Hill hospital  he/she will have been registered as baptised in our parish records (Daisy Hill hospital is situated within the parish of Drumalane). If your child has been baptised in another hospital outside this parish the records will be in the parish church of where that hospital is situated.

As the child has already been baptised your parish will guide you to the ceremony of reception (welcoming your child into the parish community) which is part of the baptismal rite that has not taken place

For more information on all Baptismal enquiries please contact the parish office on                 028 3025 2459 or email