Welcome to our Parish website. We are a welcoming Catholic Community in the Archdiocese of Armagh.  In the Parish of Middle Killeavy,  we have Daisy Hill Hospital, St Malachy’s Primary School, Family Learning Centre and Nursery, Rathore Special Needs School, Drumalane  Orchard Day Centre for older people, and the Society of St Vincent de Paul.  We hope this website will be of benefit to all our Parishioners.  As a community we are constantly looking for new ways of reaching out to our parishioners and keeping in touch with those who have moved to other parts of the world so please share this address with your family and friends.

This website has been prepared in order to raise awareness of the richness and vibrancy in our Parish and it informs you of practical information you may require.  There are many opportunities for each of us to contribute to our community and to be personally enriched by the prayer, socialising, service and friendship.

It is our hope that Parishioners will avail of these opportunities by joining in one of the organisations who are always looking for new members to continue the good work already been done.

Our mission is to be a Faith Community centred in the Eucharist proclaiming Christ’s message of love and service, and living as true Disciples of Christ.


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